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Why YOU need a Web Site

OK, so why do you need a web site? You have a successful business; what will an internet presence do for you?

First, as more and more people join the online world, they expect legitimate businesses to have an internet presence. It is very like being listed in the Yellow Pages; if you don't have a listing, can they find you and will they trust you?

Second, many people now rely on the internet first, via search engines, rather than directory information or a phone book, to find the desired business establishment. They might search for the address for their new doctor, or the location of an Arby's in their daughter's college town.

Third, once your potential clients or customers have found you, there are many pieces of information you can share with them. Here are several suggestions:

  • provide contact info for customers
  • advertise your business
  • display more details of products
  • list office or store hours
  • list office or store locations
  • advertise sales
  • issue coupons
  • provide calendar of events
  • include product specifications and instructions
  • offer replacement parts
  • provide warranty information
  • restaurants might list menus
  • auto shops can suggest maintenance schedules
  • doctors and dentists can list insurance plans, immunization guidelines, general recommendations
  • professionals might give more details and history of their firms
  • advertise job openings
Unlike paper brochures, web sites are quickly updated when information changes, the job is filled, or a new sale is announced.

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