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Cooper Internet Services has been helping clients since 1997. Anne and Glen Cooper both worked for years in the defense industry, connecting remotely via secure modems to Department of Defense super-computers. They were thus using the Internet before the World Wide Web was even conceived. With the advent of the Web, they turned to this exciting medium as a new avenue of expression. Both worked for iMall.com (now Excite Stores) before launching their own enterprise in 1997. CooperIS.com resides on their own in-house server.

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Our philosophy:

  • We will do our best to 'read your mind' and deliver what you need.
  • Substance and content are more important than flash and dazzle.
  • Hourly pricing can cause surprises -- we can give you a specific fixed-price quote on most projects.
  • We loathe spelling errors and hate to be caught making one!
  • Whatever language you need, we will learn, as long as the documentation is available.
  • Every person has an altruistic streak that should be nourished. (click here for a free opportunity!)

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